Episode 20: Rosebud’s Brett McRae

For our 20th episode, we journeyed to the Mornington Peninsula to catch up with the man known as ‘Whale’ to those at the Buds. The big fella took us through his football journey, from Daylston in his formative younger years, to a 300-game premiership career at his beloved Rosebud. Interestingly, Brett had to navigate the 2020 Covid year not only as a football president but as the parent of a daughter playing college basketball in the USA.

We spoke about some of the challenges that the scenario presented, as well as the very challenging time his club experienced as a result of a suicide during the recent pandemic. Whale gives us an honest and open account of his experiences through the last 12 months and he also shared some of the positive things in place at the Buds moving forward.

Brett is yet another example of a hard-working, humble and inspirational leader at community level and I hope you enjoy this chat as much as I did…