Welcome to the Country Footy Prez Podcast!

Join host Chris Brew (Brewy), as he travels to grass roots footy clubs from every corner of Victoria to share each club’s story through the eyes of each club’s president. These proud and passionate people are often the heartbeat of their local club and are often forced to juggle a crazy work/family life balance, along with the stress and pressure of being at the helm of their club. Each episode rides the highs and lows of each president’s journey – we’ll learn a little about where they’ve come from, ask how they’ve been coping through the Covid period and build some excitement for the return of local sport in 2021 by asking what they’re looking forward to most as things gradually return to a new normal.

A president himself at Lang Lang FC in Southwest Gippsland, Brewy has been working his way through the frustrating reality of no sport through the Covid-affected period… “While the AFL has done a fantastic job to keep their wheel turning through 2020 and provide us with a digital and emotional outlet, I couldn’t help but wonder how all the thousands of grass roots people have been coping without their local footy this year – More than anything I’ve been missing the PEOPLE and the connection that comes with being part of a community club, so I got to thinking: I wonder how my fellow presidents and their clubs have been coping without football and netball this year? The answer in reality is that many of us are struggling, which is actually perfectly OK because we’re not on our own. This podcast is designed to hopefully create a platform for people to listen, learn and share real stories from real people at grass roots level.

Every president has their own unique story and I hope you enjoy listening to their journey as much as I enjoyed sharing some time with these wonderful people.”

Hope you enjoy the show!