Episode 19: Wodonga Saints Adrian Barry

‘Bazz’ as he’s known to the Saints’ football family, joined us to share his journey. Formerly known as the Bethanga Saints, the club made the tough decision to move from Bethanga into Wodonga in 2002, making the Saints the 3rd club in Wodonga behind the Bulldogs and Raiders, who both compete in the stronger O&M league.

Bazz shared with us some of the logistical challenges that come hand in hand with being the 3rd wheel to the other Wodonga clubs, as well as the great things that make his club such a great club to be a part of. We were also joined by special guest club life member Robert White, who shared some of his highs and lows through his time at the club, as well as some of the challenges he and other elderly club volunteers faced while in isolation through a tough 2020 away from their club.

Both Whitey and Bazz are pure football lovers, whose dedication to driving their club towards a more positive era, following some very tough years is inspirational and their club and community should be excited about the direction the club is now headed…